How to Market Sellable Articles

Are you a website owner who uses articles?  If so, you may know that those articles can help to increase your profits.  Fresh and unique content can increase a website’s traffic and generate income, either through the sale of a product, service or by advertisement clicks.  In addition to adding content to you niche website, did you know that you can sell those articles as well?

Before focusing on how you can sell and market articles you wrote or outsourced, it is important to note that not all articles are sellable.  This is true if you outsource your articles, as opposed to writing them yourself.  You must have an understanding with the writer in question.  If you plan to sell these articles yourself, make sure you walk away with exclusive rights.  This means that you own the articles and that your name will be attached to them.  Even though you didn’t technically write the articles, they are yours.

As for how you can sell articles to make a profit, you can create PLR article packages.  You can combine ten articles into one package.  PLR articles are often sold for around one dollar each.  This means that you can reasonably charge $10 for a 10 article package.  Of course, you can set your rates higher or lower.  As for how you make the most money with PLR articles, you do so by selling the articles multiple times.  Often, there are no set limits.  This means that you can sell one package 100 times or more!

You also have the option of selling articles with exclusive rights.  This means that you transfer ownership to the buyer.  To ensure you make a profit, increase your selling price.  Remember, website owners and internet marketing companies are willing to pay more money for unique and exclusive content.  So you do stand to make a decent profit.

One of the best ways to sell articles is on your own website.  Create a website where other internet users can buy the articles of their choice.  To prevent others from stealing the articles, consider posting a few summaries or scrambling the articles so that some words are misspelled.  You can also disable the copy and paste feature on your website’s template.

Listing articles that you wrote or outsourced online for sale is a great way to make money, but you must make sure those articles are seen.  Know who your targeted market it.  It is people just like you; website owners who need content for their websites.  One of the best ways to target these individuals is to visit and participate in internet marketing forums.  If you can provide a link to your website in your signature, do so.  Create a catchy phrase, like “affordable content for your website,” as it will help to generate more interest.

Article directories are commonly used to generate traffic for niche websites that are filled with content.  You can also use this approach to generate traffic to the site where your articles are listed for sale.  Think back to when you first got started with website ownership and article marketing.  What questions did you have?  Write articles that answer those questions and post them on popular directories.  Be sure to include the benefits of having fresh content displayed.  Then, provide a link to your website, where you have either PLR article packages or exclusive rights articles available for sale.

In addition to developing your own website or online marketplace, there are third party websites that you can use.  They are nice, but a fee is usually charged.  This approach is best for new writers who are looking to sell their own articles.  If you are already an established website owner, even if on a completely different topic, you should already have the experience and knowledge needed to create and successfully market a website.

As a recap, you can make money selling articles that you wrote yourself or outsourced to another professional writer.  When you acquire exclusive rights to the articles or write them yourself, you can resell them in any way that you see fit.